ICYMIM: May 20, 2019

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Best Procurement Solution Persona? Configurator!
Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters, 5/20/2019
Admitting he believes comparing Procurement Solution Personas is like comparing a an introvert and an extrovert: each has its purpose and one is not necessarily better than the other, unless put in a particular context, Pierre Mitchell poses a new question: "which type of solution is generally most appealing to the most buying personas," to which he answers, "configurator."

Human Ecosystems: How to Achieve Breakthrough Performance in Partner Management
Will Harper, Future of Sourcing, 5/17/2019
They key to a successful firm, according to Will Harper, is a leader or leadership style that can successfully manage the interconnected web of relationships that the firm has, both internal and external. Harper displays diagrams of Integrated versus Technical Leadership styles as they related to human technical factors and goes into detail about the "Human Ecosystem," and the four steps to implement active management in your organization. Refresh your views on leadership and visit the article for more.

Top 6 Benefits Of Local Sourcing
Team Thomas, ThomasNet, 5/13/2019
It's so popular to go global at this day and age, however, Thomas Net takes the liberty to highlight six of the main reasons procurement professionals might rather source locally from flexibility, reduced costs/more revenue, and being more eco-friendly. Take a look and maybe you'll rethink the next sourcing strategy.

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