July 26, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Blogs:
Understanding Critical Procurement KPIs
Brian Seipel, Vendor Centric, 7/23/2019
Procurement can't gain executive buy-in and drive real change unless it's successfully measuring and reporting on its performance. Seipel dives into the key metrics and KPIs that should factor into any Procurement team's assessment of itself.

Empowering Procurement to Drive M&A Activity
Arthur Piszczor, Buyers Meeting Point, 7/24/2019
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) can feel like an overwhelming change, but they can also provide a lot of opportunities for cost-saving changes. When your company undergoes such an operation, many factors should be considered such as data cleansing and realizing the full impact that M&A activity could have on the company or companies. Arthur Piszczor lists some steps to take when you want your company to flourish in an M&A and make Procurement an asset throughout the process.

Driving Procurement Visibility: Why & How
Brian Seipel, Sourcing Innovation, 7/24/2019
Procurement teams perform more effectively when they have a thorough sense of perceptibility. As strategic sourcing professionals, we don't want to miss any inefficient spending activities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed  Brian Seipel presents some fault-finding questions you should ask yourself if you're doubting Procurement's visibility into its operations and spend profile.

Upcoming Events:
Procurious Big Ideas Summit | Chicago, IL | 9/18
The Procurious Big Ideas Summit will host a select number of individuals to a conversation surrounding procurement this upcoming September. Our Spend Management leaders at Source One will be attending and contributing to the conversation in a keynote session. Global supply chain leaders are welcome to offer their thoughts, concerns, or questions to help elevate the procurement profession..

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