Monthly Round Up: July 2019

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You are probably already tracking plenty of valuable data about your company, but are you using that information correctly or just sort of winging it? Once you can compare and contrast key performance indicators (KPIs) with metrics, you’ll be able to properly analyze your strategies and make the necessary changes. Read Brian Seipel’s explanation of how data analytics literacy can lead to cost reduction opportunities.

Mobile technology is no longer just for online shopping. Retail locations have begun to introduce apps to their customers to make the in-store shopping experience more enjoyable. According to the numbers, it’s working. Most shoppers who have used in-app navigational tools say they will use them again. Read this piece to learn how checkout technology is growing in the retail sector.

Understanding the True Costs of Packaging - Transportation
The packaging decisions your company makes have more hidden effects on your supply chain than you may think. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to give you a detailed explanation of packaging cost levers and how they shape your company. In the first installation, Matt Veksler will discuss packaging design and transportation costs. 

Don't Ask for the Unreasonable in a Negotiation
When bargaining with a supplier, buyer, or any other third parties, you should ensure that you’re reaching for reciprocity. Don’t propose excessive expectations that leave the other party feeling disagreeable. Why would you ask something of another professional party that you would never agree to yourself? William Dorn asserts that you must exercise the golden rule when participating in negotiations. 

Technology and the Fast Food Supply Chain
Like many industries today, food and beverage organizations are moving forward with AI-empowered technology to optimize their processes. Market leaders such as Panera and McDonald’s are using AI in varying ways to assist them and their customers. Nicole O’Connell shares how in-store technology and mobile apps are quickly raising the bar for fast food experience. 
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