ICYMIM: July 8, 2019

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Spend Matters Team, Spend Matters, 7/2/2019
After already $21 million tariffs are announced this past April, the U.S threatens to inflict an added $4 billion on EU goods in the thick of U.S.-China trade war. Supplier relationships are put to the test as companies must use innovative strategies to bypass export losses. The pork industry demonstrates how entering new markets can aid in negating the effects of the trade war.

Announcing Spend Matters Nexus -- Where Capital and Strategy Converge
Jason Busch, Spend Matters, 7/2/2019
Furthermore, Spend Matters announces the rollout of Spend Matters Nexus, their new research, and advisory organization to launch later this year. The organization will serve private firms, corporate teams, and investors to provide procurement and financial solutions. Hear more about what the Founder of Spend Matters, Jason Busch, has to say about what Spend Matters Nexus has to offer.

SIM? IS it Old News or a Shiny New Pair of Shows? Part I
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 7/3/2019
Supplier Information Management (SIM) surfaced in the procurement industry a couple of decades ago with early adopters such as CISCO and GE. SIM helps you attain valuable supplier metrics to help you better manage your sourcing strategies and relationships. Do you want to find out if your suppliers comply with international regulations? Or who your riskiest suppliers are according to the hard numbers? Lamoureux discusses the valuable but not-so-new use of SIM to help analyze company interests such as risk management and social accountability.
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