July 12, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Blogs:
Procurement as Agents of Change
Brian Seipel, Sig Speaks, 7/10/2019
Time and money often stop businesses from risking a change. Nevertheless, growth and transformation are essential in an ever-evolving business world. Procurement teams are in the perfect position to set the stage for internal change. Brian Seipel discusses how to use procurement as a force for promoting new systems and ideas that will elevate the company.

15 RFP Responders Explain How to Craft a Winning RFP Response
Ken Gaul, RFPIO, 7/10/2019
RFP drafting is an under-discussed yet highly critical step of the strategic sourcing process. This blog from RFPIO highlights the perspectives of various thought leaders and offers advice for constructing the most mindful and productive RFP responses possible. Source One Director Ken Gaul is included. He offers up his advice on communicating expectations with clients.

Upcoming Events:
Webinar on End-to-End Supplier Relationship Management | ISM New Jersey | 7/17
You've found the right supplier and secured the contract... now, what will your team do to nurture this valuable relationship? Maintaining consistent communication will quickly open new doors of opportunity. Rather than employing the same strategies with every contract, you’ve got to recognize the variations between suppliers and use those details to both parties’ advantage. In an upcoming webinar, Jennifer Ulrich will illustrate the importance of supplier relationship management and segmenting the supply base.

Procurious Big Ideas Summit | Chicago, IL | 9/18
Source One has always aimed to encourage innovation and expand the possibilities of Procurement. The Procurious Big Ideas Summit is an impactful networking event that invites inventive conversations and welcomes new perspectives. Supply Chain Management experts will gather this upcoming September to discuss and support the future of their function. Register today.

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