ICYMIM: July 29, 2019

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How to Meet the Needs of B2B Industrial Buyers
Juliette Ferraro, Thomas Net, 7/23/2019
The buying process requires a lot of research, deliberation, and difficult decision-making. The role of the supplier shouldn't be any less involved. Business-to-business relationships are complex; therefore, it's imperative that you go the extra mile if you want to stand out as a supplier.  Juliette Ferraro delivers some best practices on how to maintain a fruitful relationship with your buyers. 

3 Reasons Smaller Consultancies Can Compete with Traditional Consulting- Procurement Take Note
Spend Matters, 7/22/2019
Are the "Big 4" consulting firms actually proving to be that efficient? Some experts have declared a lack of confidence in their stagnant business models. Many professionals believe small consulting firms have a real shot at competing with the "Big 4" as they possess more flexibility and innovation. Spend Matters gives three reasons why smaller consulting firms may have a competitive advantage.

The Hidden Stories Behind Global Internet Attacks
Azeem Aleem, Future of Sourcing, 7/23/2019
Many are unaware of the scope of internet attacks on businesses today. Consequently, they're unaware of the threat that their very own companies face at any given moment. Make sure you're prepared in the state of an emergency and familiarize yourself with what, why, and how to cyber attacks. Azeem Aleem gives a realistic look at Cybercrime and what businesses are experiencing today.
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