ICYMIM: July 22, 2019

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Stop Faking Cultural Understanding
Albert Brenner, Future of Sourcing, 7/17/2019
When it comes to working for a multinational organization, most professionals know by now that international relationships require some research. Cultural differences bleed directly into the professional realm as the social context is always present. Albert Brenner elaborates on this process and suggests business professionals put more effort into understanding the culture of their international connections. Here are 5 tips for building effective relationships overseas. 

How 'First-Mile' Flaws Hinder Last-Mile Success
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 7/18/2019
The first mile refers to the critical period where your company is acquiring the tools to begin conducting business; more specifically, managing your suppliers. A successful organization will need to utilize automated technology in order to best track their processes and avoid financial complications.  JP Morris discusses the importance of ERP data and tracking to cut costs and increase ROI.

Remember that Sustainability Requires a Shared Understanding
Josh Angert, Sourcing Innovation, 7/18/2019
Research and time must be invested to be able to fully comprehend what it will take to make your company "sustainable." Sustainability is not a simple feat for most companies and requires a sense of understanding from all parties involved. Did you investigate the ecological footprint of the raw materials you're using? Are you treating all workers ethically? Josh Angert gives his insight on factors to consider before your business can rightfully claim sustainability. 
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