ICYMIM: April 1, 2019

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Third-Party Market Intelligence Can Supercharge Procurement
Alex Behrens, Spend Matters, 4/1/2019
After the previous article on the top risks to supply chain, Behrens takes time to give us the best ways to get in front of these challenges through third-party market intelligence. Visit the article to read more on how he expounds on the many benefits of a great market intelligence provider, including strategics capabilities, credibility from professionally collected & managed data and more.

The Killer Procurement Technology Application: Stupid Simple
Jason Busch, Spend Matters, 4/1/2019
Spend Matters has introduced their SolutionMap Accelerator, and Busch explains how companies can use the Accelerator with their Stupid Simple procurement tech concepts. Busch lays out an extensive list to help readers identify with a Stupid Simple concept, visit the article to see what qualifies and how you can use this technology to help in your source-to-pay initiatives.

Alexey Nayda, Future of Sourcing, 3/15/2019
With all the advancements coming in this digital age, many of us tend to focus on the tehc giants that dominate headlines, but Nayda notes there are innovations happening across the world that are being overlooked, like the Ukraine. According to Unit City, Ukraine is a trusted choice by over 100 Fortune 500 companies. The Ukraine's tech ecosystem is thriving and predicted to continue to have a positive trajectory in the future.
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