Monthly Round Up: March 2019

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Taking a contract-centric approach to the strategic sourcing process doesn't have to mean implementing an advanced CRM solution. Oftentimes, it's as simple as bringing your Procurement and Legal teams closer together. Where to start? Bring Procurement up to speed with these essential contracting terms.

Colorado Takes a Major Step Toward Resolving Trucker Shortage
Colorado is going to somewhat creative lengths to address the prevailing truck driver shortage. The Centennial State's Governor, Jared Pollis,  recently signed new legislation that will allow individuals as young as 18 years old to drive trucks across state lines. Other states may soon follow suit.

Tania Seary, Founder of Procurious, sits down with the Strategic Sourceror to discuss the evolving role and responsibilities of Procurement. She suggests that Procurement is often its own worst enemy when it comes to accepting a seat at the executive table. She also calls for a far more holistic understanding of the function.

Source One Senior Analyst Jennifer Engel encourages Procurement to change the way it thinks about so-called 'soft savings.' There's nothing soft, she suggests, about the impact cycle time reduction or supplier-led innovation can bring a Procurement organization. Read to learn more about redefining your metrics and taking a more holistic view of the Procurement function.

Several years ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos outlined ambitious plans to introduce a drone-based delivery service. This blog takes a look at the still-in-progress project. What do we know? What's still up in the air? How soon will Bezos' plans become a reality? Are competitors starting to outpace the eCommerce giant? Read to find out.
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