ICYMIM: April 15, 2019

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The Value of Women and Diversity in Global Procurement
Karina Sweete, Future of Sourcing, 4/12/2019
If there's any part of a company that should understand the business value of diversity, it's procurement. Having to build relationships with a cast of characters from clients to suppliers requires more than just one type of person. It seems we as an industry have some work to do in upping the numbers of female employees in procurement, according to a few studies done by Oliver Wyman & Mercer. For those companies that have been employing mroe females than in past years have seen an increase in economic performance. Visit Sweete's post for more on the value of diversity in procurement specifically, and the details of these studies.

Carina Kuhl, Spend Matters, 4/10/2019
Kuhl writes about Caldwell Hart, an attendee and contributor to our recent ISM2019 Conference. Hart is taking on a new position as CPO at MKS Instruments, a company generating $2.5 billion in revenue and 6000+ employees. This is not just a feat of transformation, but procurement enabling rapid growth. Visit the article for details on Harts strategies for procurement and plans for empowerment.

At ISM 2019, Janet Yellen and Carly Fiorina See the Supply Chain as a Force for Change
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 4/9/2019
These two women give Supply Chain the credit for driving change, addressing tariffs and uncertain trade policies, and keeping inflation underwraps. Yellen continues with her views on global economics, and then sits with CEO of Institue of Supply Management to discuss everything from labors trends to Brexit and President Trump. Fiorina gave an empowering message of her own to procurement professionals in attendence, emphasizing their importance as leaders. She highlights the success she's seen at Hewlett-ackard that came from her procurement department leading the change. Visit the article for direct quotes from these speaks and interviews.
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