April 19, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:
Building an Effective Procurement Organization
Explore the methodologies Source One has used over the years to help countless companies build and enhance their procurement operations in our latest whitepaper. Our strategic sourcing experts have gathered and contributed their insights and know-how to derive a comprehensive list of tips and tools to help you improve your own procurement department. Part I of Building an Effective Procurement Organization is available for download today!

New Blog:
Small Businesses Can Have a Sustainable Supply Chain Too
Ari Markowitz, Buyers Meeting Point, 4/17/2019
In Markowitz' feature on Buyers Meeting Point, she discusses the importance of having efficient procurement practices, even for small businesses. Highlighting the benefits of a clean supply chain through the emphasis of the philosophy of the three Ps: people, planet, profit. By embedding these into your triple bottom line you vouch that the production and consumption of your products shall not harm the people or the environment. Markowits goes on to explain that even though a small business may not have resources to devout to an entire procurement department, there are still meaningful practices that can be put in place to ensure your business

New Podcast
Job Description Red Flags
Applying for a job in Procurement and Supply Management? Andrew Jones suggests you exercise caution. On this week's episode of the Source One Podcast Jones discusses some of the red flags applicants should watch out for next time they're on the hunt for a new opportunity.

Success at ISM2019 & ExecIn!
The Source One team enjoyed our time in Houston, rubbing shoulders and sharing ideas with other industry leading professionals. The break out sessions, roundtable discussions, panels and keynote speakers, were fun vehicles to discuss all the hot topics trending in the Supply Management and Procurement industry today. Below are blogs that cover a series topics addressed during these events:

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