Monthly Round Up: April 2019

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Every industry could benefit from an optimized approach to Supply Chain Management. Retail might have the most to gain (or avoid losing) by addressing the supply chain more strategically. Macy's is hoping it can stave off the ongoing retail apocalypse by creating a new C-suite role - Supply Chain Officer. Dennis Mullahy will supervise product development and delivery including global sourcing, inventory management, and distribution across both eCommerce outlets and brick-and-mortar stores.

Redefining Win-Win with Kate Vitasek
We hear all the time that Procurement and Supply Chain Management are evolving. More and more organizations are shaking up the way they purchase and taking a more strategic approach to managing their spend. Why then, Kate Vitasek asks, is the function still relying on centuries-old logic to drive its negotiations? Vitasek calls for a new approach to build deals and encourages Procurement to think about itself as a deal architect rather than simply looking to win.

Target's New Climate Goals Include Reductions in Supplier Emissions
Consumers want their preferred brands to embody a commitment to sustainability and provide consistent transparency. More and more this means it's no longer sufficient for businesses to police their own supply chains. True leaders need to engage their supply base to address sustainability together. Target has announced its plans to do just that with new climate goals. By 2030, the retailer aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its supply base by 30%.

McDonald's built its brand on quick service and efficiency. With the recent purchase of a decision technology company, the fast food giant is looking to take its speedy operations to a new level. Leveraging predictive AI, they hope to provide a more personalized customer experience. In effect, the technology will provide a more modern, automated way of asking, "would you like fries with that?"

Mexico is one of America's most essential international trading partners. Issues at the border, however, could soon threaten the relationship. Should President Trump elect to close the U.S.-Mexico border, avocado imports could take a particularly huge hit. Steve Barnard, president and CEO of Mission Produce, suggests America's supply of the popular food could dwindle in as little as three weeks.
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