ICYMIM: April 8, 2019

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Afternoon Coffee: U.S. Adds Jobs; U.K. Hoards at Wartime Level; Google, Its Contingent Workforce at Odds
Spend Matters Team, Spend Matters, 4/5/2019
The latest report says the U.S. added 196,000 jobs, while the U.K. is stockpiling at volumes only seen at wartime. Tesla running out of juice? New vehicle deliveries are down 31% from lastc year in 2019 Q1. FedEx is expanding, and Google is at odds with its temps, vendors and contractors. Visit for your dish on the lastest.

For Procurement Problems in Government Contracting, Try These Outsider Tips
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 4/5/2019
Government contracting is a detail-oriented process. Morris is covering some tips Public Spend Forum is offering to help procurement professionals smooth out the process as best they can. Visit to learn the 4 core values and 5 of the 12 principles of a new method described in Agile Manifesto. Morris singles out the 5 principles that relate the most to procurement for a quick, relevant dive into the methodology.

Best Practices for Supply Chain Cybersecurity
Staff Writer, ThomasNet, 4/1/2019
Arm yourself with 6 ways to protect against a cyber attack to your supply chain. Monitor inventory data access, ask cybersecurity questions, monitor continuously, vet third-party products, change default passwords, train your team---visit the article for details and explanations behind these quick tips.
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