ICYMIM: April 29, 2019

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Procurement's Digital Transformation Goals Not in Sync with Development Priorities, Hackett Study Finds
Tom Cosgrove, Spend Matters, 4/23/2019
According to new research from The Hackett Group, digital technologies have yet to make it possible for Procurement to do more with less. Results are slow, Hackett suggests, because a number of Procurement organizations are still attempting to carry out digital transformations with a clear go-forward plan or actionable list of priorities. The study does not, however, merely report on Procurement's shortcomings. Hackett concludes by providing tips for Procurement organizations looking to improve their analytical capabilities and grow more customer-centric.

For Global Procurement You Need a Global Platform
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 4/22/2019
Today's global economy demands global Procurement teams, and these Procurement teams will require truly global platforms to build supply chains and effectively drive their organizations. The Sourcing Doctor details some of the key features these platforms should include and offers up steps for effectively implementing them. Many so-called global solutions, he suggests, still leave a lot to be desired. True multi-lingual support, for example, is still far from standard.

Can the Whole Foods and Amazon Grocery Chains Exist Under the Same Corporate Umbrella?
Kelly Barner, Determine, 4/23/2019
Following Amazon's recent announcement that it will open its own 'traditional' grocery chain, Barner takes a closer look at the eCommerce giant's now three-pronged approach to retail. In addition to the new chain, Amazon owns the Whole Foods brands and continues to offer groceries through its online platform. "It is intriguing," Barner writes, "to think that all three of these chains may have their own procurement team, despite that fact that they are all part of the same enterprise." She examines some of the hiccups Amazon should expect as it looks to broaden its approach to offering groceries.

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