Carrying out a Procurement Transformation is no small feat. Often it's daunting enough that initiatives die before planning has even really begun. Last year Source One's Transformation experts released a whitepaper series aimed at alleviating fear and helping organizations gain a better sense of what Transformation could mean for them. 
Over the next several months, they'll release a new series with a similar goal in mind. Building an Effective Procurement Organization, examines each of Procurement's essential pillars and offers strategies for transforming them effectively. Source One hopes it will empower readers to optimize their priorities, align their resources, and confidently enter Procurement's next strategic era.
The series first installment provides readers with tips for optimizing the functions's people. 
In addition to best-fit operating models, and adaptable training programs, Part 1 emphasizes the critical importance of purpose.  Jennifer Ulrich, Source One's Procurement Transformation Practice Leader, elaborates, "Building and maintaining an effective team comes down to far more than recruiting and training. More than ever, effective talent management means developing a company-wide purpose and communicating it effectively. When professionals know their work has meaning, they're likely to feel more engaged and produce better, more sustainable results."
Additional installments, published on a bi-weekly basis, will explore Procurement's metrics, processes, tools, and role within the organization.

Check out Part 1 of Building an Effective Procurement Organization today and look out for future installments throughout the spring and summer. 
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