Earlier this month, Source One's free set of eSourcing tools, WhyAbe.com, turned eight years old. In honor of the eProcurement service's eight years, here are eight facts about WhyAbe.com and eSourcing software.


8. Some of the first items sought on WhyAbe were Sugar, heating oil, and a large quantity of GPS-equipped heart monitors.

7. Suppliers can be invited to WhyAbe on a per-event basis, or they can register on the site permanently and maintain a storefront. There are currently several hundred supplier-operated storefronts on WhyAbe.com, allowing users to quickly source everything from sneakers, to heavy mining equipment, to silicone breast implants.

6. When it debuted in 2005, WhyAbe could only be used to conduct RFX inquiries. Reverse auctions were added 13 months later in October 2006.

5.  Blind auctions, which hide suppliers' identities as required by certain government sourcing events, were added in 2012.

4.  WhyAbe knows social media. Users can share their sourcing events across Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and 300+ other outlets. Even Twitter.

3.  True to form, #4 was under 140 characters. #strategicsourcing #WhyAbe #swag

2.  WhyAbe's platform is so robust and has such a lower barrier to entry in terms of user familiarity that it serves as the skeleton of many major corporations own private eSourcing solutions.

And finally, the number one fact about WhyAbe.com is...

1.  When it debuted in 2005, WhyAbe.com was the only free eSourcing solution on the market. Eight years later, it is still the only free eSourcing solution on the market.

Have a WhyAbe success story? Add it below. Interested in trying the service out for yourself? Sign up at WhyAbe.com and get started!
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