Manufacturers use 3D modeling to reduce manufacturing costs

With the ability to design products in a virtual environment, more manufacturers are using modeling software to reduce manufacturing costs.

Digitization and 3D modeling is helping to improve the production and manufacturing process and spur technological innovation within the manufacturing industry, according to Design News.

The source said technology such as computer-aided design software allows engineers to design and test a product prototype before workers actually assemble it. This will allow manufacturers to increase their cost savings and reduce delivery time to customers.

Digitization involves converting analog information into digital to make it easier to share with other users to improve supply management. Going beyond designing products, 3D modeling can also boost the efficiency of workers during service visits by showing them how to remove and repair parts. By re-creating this experience with a 3D environment, technicians are able to learn the repair process faster. Usage of digitizing technology is projected to expand in the manufacturing industry as more businesses use different types of software model their business processes, according to the source.

Manufacturers use 3D data to reduce costs and risks

Software tools that incorporate 3D data visualization can also illustrate to manufacturers how to reduce business costs, Constructech Magazine said. 3D models that use data allow manufacturers to not only maintain their manufacturing costs but also help reduce risks associated with production and project management. Using this software can provide a comprehensive view of business operations including the lifecycle of equipment, maintenance, performance conditions and replacement cost ratios. With the digitization process, workers can simulate the repair process. When pairing 3-D models with relevant data, manufacturers can also view quality test results, equipment serial numbers and more.

With access to more information, companies can improve the lifecycle of their equipment, cut down on waste and make informed business decisions.

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