Green procurement a priority after California law goes into effect

California is requiring manufacturers to find less hazardous chemicals in their products after the state's Safer Consumer Products law goes into effect on Oct. 1, according to Sustainable Business News. In addition to reducing the number of toxic chemicals found in common products, the new law aims to promote green chemistry in the private sector and increase transparency in identifying what products are made of to help consumers decide what to buy.

With this emphasis on green procurement, manufacturers are expected to comply with the law through a number of steps. This includes analyzing their products to provide evidence that their current formulation is safe for consumers or creating a safer alternative.

California strict consumer safety guidelines impacts supply management for global manufacturers who sell in the Golden State.

American Chemistry Council argued the law could pose a challenge to businesses to reduce manufacturing costs and create confusion for consumers, the LA Times reported.

"At best, the proposed regulation will produce a marginal improvement in human health and environmental safety, but at great cost and lost opportunities for businesses nationwide," the chemistry association said in a statement.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control plans to eventually choose up to five "priority products" that manufacturers must reformulate to be safer for consumers by April. 

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