Some educational announcements for you: Source One's educational video series got a boost this week. The first of three dedicated manufacturing podcasts is now available on our video channel. This three-minute video gives an overview of a brilliant manufacturing initiative we managed as a company redesigned its products and nearshored its manufacturing from a traditional LCC to Mexico.

iTunes Podcast Channels: We debuted two podcast channels this week. Have you checked them out yet? Available exclusively on iTunes, these podcasts deliver supply chain and strategic sourcing information on an effort-free subscription basis, meaning you iDevice will be automatically updated every two weeks with the latest Source One information on a variety of topics and trends.

Back To School: Source One's Lindsey Fandozzi will be delivering a lecture to Rutgers University students on Tuesday, October 1st. She will be speaking to an Operations Analysis class in the school's highly ranked Supply Chain Management program on determining the future of the industry and navigating the internal departmental challenges that all supply chain personnel eventually face. 
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