Analyze building energy use to reduce business overhead costs

When developing a plan to reduce business overhead costs, many firms can save money through effective energy management of company-owned buildings. Sustainable energy management is important for decreasing the overall impact a business may have on the environment.

Using analytics software can help mitigate operating costs for a business by collecting data based on the energy usage of commercial structures, according to Sustainable Business. Through what is known as virtual energy audits, these buildings can be evaluated to identify changes that can help improve business operations faster than traditional audits. Rather than having an on-site visit, the software allows users to measure a building's electricity consumption.

This software can be instrumental in finding the best way to improve the energy efficiency of a building and can save companies money without the need of new equipment.

"More important, these savings often can be achieved without complicated financial decisions and intrusions from third-party contractors," said Jim Borri, vice president of sales for FirstFuel, in a post on Electric Light & Power. He said the software pays companies back in almost no time.

"The commercial efficiency industry is focused mostly on retrofits with potentially high returns but often large capital outlays," Borri said. "Remote analytics can, however, uncover an entirely new set of energy savings for customers."

There are other tools and methods for determining the sustainability of commercial buildings. These include smart meters, which can be combined with audits to see the overall energy usage and costs associated with company structures, Construction Digital said. Another way to ensure buildings reduce their operating costs is certification in the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design program, which ensures buildings are able to conserve energy and water resources while increasing the value of their assets.

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