New weather modeling technology could optimize electricity sourcing

IBM developed new power and weather modeling technology to advance electricity sourcing, according to Manufacturing Digital. As a way to promote green procurement and renewable energy resources, IBM named this technology Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting (HyRef).

HyRef synthesizes weather modeling functions to predict the weather and data analytics to forecast the amount of resources like wind power and solar energy. Turbine sensors that detect weather factors including wind speed, temperature and direction to help model the availability of wind power. With its enhanced ability to monitor the weather, this system could encourage power utility companies to incorporate sustainable energy sourcing into their existing power grids. The hope of this new system is to reach the goal of expanding renewable energy power to 25 percent of operating systems, according to Dennis McGinn, CEO of the American Council On Renewable Energy in Solar Industry Magazine.

"The weather modeling and forecasting data generated from HyRef will significantly improve this process and in turn, put us one step closer to maximizing the full potential of renewable resources," McGinn said.

HyRef is able to predict the capacity of energy resources through cloud imaging technology and cameras that track cloud movements.The technology also uses data analytics to generate weather forecasts for local wind farms one month in advance or in real-time in the span of 15-minute increments.

"Applying analytics and harnessing big data will allow utilities to tackle the intermittent nature of renewable energy and forecast power production from solar and wind, in a way that has never been done before," said Brad Gammons, general manager for global energy and utilities at IBM. "We have developed an intelligent system that combines weather and power forecasting to increase system availability and optimize power grid performance."

Utilities and other energy organizations might also be able to integrate other sources such as coal and gas.

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