In a whitepaper we originally released back in April, we discussed the role of education in Procurement departments -- how important was it to have an education and whether education or experience was valued more in modern Procurement departments. What we found was, for current personnel, experience is much more prevalent than education -- 76% reported more than 10 years in the field, while only 55% had a college or graduate degree. Interestingly enough, 30% of the VPs and C-levels that responded did not complete a 4-year degree. On the other side of that study, looking at the new folks coming into the industry -- those with less than three years experience -- all have completed some sort of post-high school degree program.

Those entering the industry are coming in much more educated, which we predict will enhance the strategic capabilities of Procurement and Supply Chain departments across the board. Further enhancing that strategic education is the advancement of specific Supply Chain curricula at schools nationwide. As we discussed in our most recent newsletter -- read it here, sign up here -- there are now more than two dozen schools across the country offering Supply Chain or Strategic Sourcing programs, and a career in Supply Chain Management is beginning to be seen as a lucrative one.

So, enticed by the promise of money, what skills will these graduates have upon graduation, should your company decide to hire one? Lehigh University, which offers an undergraduate SCM program, instructs its students on supply & inventory management, logistics, operations, and -- interestingly enough -- B2B marketing. Additionally, students gain enhanced cost analysis, negotiation, production development, and e-business skills. Should they pursue a Masters, advanced programs like the one offered at Penn State further develops leadership and problem-solving skills through a heightened focus on SCM, transportationand distribution issues, and strategic sourcing.

Take a look at your own department, and imagine what it will be like 10 years from now, full of kids who graduated with skills in these areas and grew up through  your company culture. Do you have the structure in place to take advantage of folks coming in with this type training?

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