Honda, Chrysler expand Midwest production

Chrysler Group and Honda recently announced expansions of their production in separate Midwest states, according to Industry Week. With procurement of new factory operations Chrysler and Honda, these automobile manufacturers will invest over $260 million into American manufacturing.

Honda developing technology and worker skills in Ohio

Honda stated it was investing $215 million in its existing engine plant and new technical training centers located in Ohio, bringing its North American investment in the previous three years to almost $2.7 billion.

"Even as we introduce more sophisticated technologies in our products and in our plants, we are working to ensure that our associates are equipped with the skills required for the manufacturing requirements of the future," said Rick Schostek, senior vice president of Honda North America.

The new funds will go toward aluminum die casting and engine parts production for Honda Earth Dreams Technology and developing skills for engineers and equipment technicians. The company will also construct a new 160,000-square-foot building that will serve as a training facility and heritage center.

Chrysler increasing Tigershark engine production in Michigan

Meanwhile, Chrysler said it was providing $52 million to develop its Tigershark engine in plants located in Michigan in a separate Industry Week article. An $11.5 million investment for its Trenton-based plant will produce almost 300 new jobs and gain a Tigershark assembly line. The rest will go toward the factory in Dundee to improve engine production with new machine cranks, heads and blocks.

"With the growing demand for our products, we are constantly evaluating how to best meet powertrain production requirements," said Brian Harlow, head of Powertrain Manufacturing. "In this case, we are fortunate that we had an existing facility that could accommodate the additional capacity needs for Tigershark and one that has the know-how to support that additional production."

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