Both applicants and employers would agree, the recruiting and hiring processes are often frightening.

Leaving the comfort of their current positions, candidates are forced to reenter the interview stage. Even the most accomplished, confident professional can find these conversations nerve-wracking. It's not always easy  to sell yourself. Employers face similar troubles. In a candidate-driven market, they've got to distinguish themselves as world-class and offer enticing incentives without breaking the bank. This all becomes more challenging when an organization's Human Resources team is understaffed or under-resourced.

That's where a dedicated supply chain recruiter like Andrew Jones comes in. He considers it his goal to alleviate the fears of applicant and employer alike. For the former, he works to familiarize them with the interview process and get them comfortable speaking to their accomplishments. The latter trusts Jones to pair them with qualified, dedicated candidates and save them from the headaches of a mismatched hire.

Though Jones' career has seen dozens of successful placements, he's lived through his fair share of horror stories. He shares several on this week's episode of the Source One Podcast.

Jones' hair-raising tales include:

  • A candidate who put the 'casual' in business casual. 
  • An applicant who thought she'd put her best foot forward in an all-too-literal way. 
  • An interviewee with a jaw-dropping inability to read the room. 
  • And more . . . 

Jones also gets in the spirit by offering some Halloween-themed best practices. On the subject of unmasking dubious candidates, Jones stresses the importance of listening over talking. "You've got to listen closely and insist that they focus on particulars," he says. This not only helps Jones weed out candidates who might be wearing a mask, but also helps the candidate practice for their eventual interview. After all, an employer is no more interested in unverifiable or unclear claims than a recruiter is.

He also advocates for the importance of non-stop communication. Halloween only comes once a year, but conversations between candidates and recruiters should occur every day. Jones considers open communication an essential component of his efforts and a valuable tool for identifying truly world-class candidates.

To hear more scary stories from a supply chain staffing specialist, subscribe to the Source One Podcast today.

Happy Halloween!
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