ICYMIM: October 29, 2018

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Guidance for Addressing the New Talent Acquisition Challenge
Dennis Bouley, My Purchasing Center, 10/12/2018
According to a recent Labor Department report in March of this year, job openings have reached a new record high: 6.6 million. The demand for talent is certainly keeping HR and hiring managers busy. Candidates are now more in control than ever during the hiring process, forcing employers to get creative when it comes to attracting top talent. Dennis Bouley of My Purchasing Center explores the growing trend of contingent staffing. He explains how the supplemental support is an attractive arrangement for both candidates and employers. 

Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 10/25/18
Facing growing demands with less resources, Procurement leaders are often faced with two options: hire outside help or add full time employees to their team. This week, The Doctor explores the cost drivers of both staffing models. Acknowledging the consultant stereotype (expensive, sleazy practices), Lamoureux explains the value of hiring outside help for strategic and tactical support, and makes the case for the ROI consultants can deliver. 

7 Tips for Building a Robust Supply Chain
ThomasNet, 10/29/2018
Between security threats, environmental risks, and political uncertainty, global supply chains are constantly facing disruption. With consistency being the key to minimizing disruption and reducing spend, Thomasnet offers 7 pieces of advice for building a robust supply chain. They explore how to develop strong relationships with suppliers, leveraging data for improved decision making, how to balance flexibility with resiliency, forming contingency plans, and more. 

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