ICYMIM: October 1, 2018

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Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 9/27/2018
The Doctor continues his series on Procurement 2020 by reminding readers what the last decade has looked like. Things have certainly become more integrated, streamlined, and user-friendly, but Procurement has hardly obtained new functionality. By now, tactical processes were supposed to be a thing of the past and sourcing was supposed to be smart. Few organizations, however, has truly made strides toward cognitive purchasing. Proving RPA, Machine Learning, Should-Cost Models, and other advanced features, cognitive tools are only a reality for select few. It seems unlikely, the Doctor suggests, that your average organization will manage to pick up the slack within the next 16 months. 
Spend Matters Team, Spend Matters, 10/1/2018
By 2030, the amount of annual food waste is expected to reach 2 billion tons. In a comprehensive report, the Boston Consulting Group recently outlined a five-point plan for tackling this pervasive issue. Spend Matters takes a closer look at the report and reminds Procurement professionals that combating food loss and waste is well within their grasp. A good starting point is working to develop increased awareness. By educating farmers, consumers, and other stakeholders organizations can ensure that every link in the supply chain feels committed to maintaining sustainable operations and limiting waste. 

Team Thomas, ThomasNet, 9/28/2018
The bloggers at ThomasNet take a closer look at the trends that supply chain trends that helped bring Q3 to a close. For example, demand for Turnkey Manufacturing services rose to nearly 50% over its historical average throughout the month. Sourcing for Cleanrooms and aluminum saw similar spikes. The latter trend resulted from the White House's continued sanctions against RUSAL, the world's second-largest supplier of aluminum. ThomasNet's team promises to keep an eye on these trends as 2018 winds down. 
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