Brian Seipel opens the latest episode of the Source One Podcast by referencing a recent article on trends in media buying. The piece, he remarks, asks readers, "why not bring media purchasing in-house, why not do it ourselves?" The question got him to thinking.

Throughout the episode, he weighs the benefits of in-house, programmatic buying and asks a few questions of his own. "What," he asks, "are we leaving on the table by cutting out media buying agencies?"

Seipel first elaborates on what exactly programmatic buying means for the Marketing category. "In a nutshell," he explains, "programmatic buying means transitioning the onus of choosing ad space based on algorithm-fueled software, essentially automating the process." Predictably, this raises questions about the future of living, breathing media buyers.

So, will organizations be kicking their buyers to the curb? Not for some time, Seipel suggests.

He continues, "not all outlets are created equal when looking at programmatic." Though more and more outlets are looking like opportunities to introduce programmatic practices, they're still most often applied in the digital advertising subcategory. For most organizations, bringing media purchasing fully in-house is still beyond their means. They'll need to ensure their internal teams can "talk the talk and walk the walk as any outside agency would" before they commit to a major transition.

Seipel concludes by listing questions an organization should ask themselves to develop an optimal approach. By determining which skills they've got and which they need to work on developing, they can ultimately reach a strategic balance of in-house and external media purchasing.

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