October 19, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Blogs:
Torey Guingrich, Future of Sourcing, 10/13/18
It seems today that there is a rapidly increasing number of scam calls. Naturally, this can create confusion. Do you ignore any call from unrecognized numbers and risk missing important opportunities, or answer everything knowing that a certain number of them are going to be a risk or waste of time? The world has had caller ID for more than two decades, but it is important to see how much impact this simple and inexpensive solution can have. Torey Guingrich describes a few types of caller ID solutions and FCC laws that should reassure you that your business has sufficient protection against scams.

Brian Seipel, Sourcing Innovation, 10/15/18
RFP scoring can be difficult with an ineffective questionnaire. Brian Seipel dives into the “Unlucky 13” - some of the most common RFP scoring errors. Are you weighing all questions correctly? Are the response categories properly scaled? Are “kill switch” questions that could immediately disqualify a supplier treated as such? No matter how long you spend putting together an RFP questionnaire, a faulty scoring methodology can put all that work to waste. Check out Seipel's tips to avoid such costly mishaps.

Megan Connell, Sourcing Industry Group, 10/18/18
Contracting is a vital, often ultimate or penultimate, step in the Procurement process. Megan Connell goes into detail about some of the recent problems she has encountered in consulting. Chosen topics of concern include the importance of a contract even in low spend situations, value commitments, and understanding the terms of an auto-renewal. In all cases, careful contract analysis is crucial to effectively managing spend.

New Podcast:
Expanding upon his post on sourcinginnovation.com, Brian Seipel hops on to the Source One Podcast explain where your RFP scoring could go wrong. These issues aren't always immediately apparent, but they could all leave your organization struggling to make sense of useless data. Subscribe today to hear some of Seipel's insights. 

Upcoming Events:
The leaders in AP automation are sponsoring this exciting conference for Finance thought leaders. This year's packed agenda includes a presentation from Corcentric's own Nina Doherty. Doherty, a longtime advocate for the benefits of paperless financial processes will offer her tips for optimizing 'last mile' transactions. 

Source One is proud to sponsor and attend the one and only conference focused on MRO Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. The experts in spend management look forward to two days of networking with industry peers and discussing the future of the Procurement function. 
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