Temple University, Source One's own procurement consultants Megan Connell and Kenneth Ballard are visiting the Fox School of Business this Friday, September 15th.  They'll be looking for passionate and dynamic individuals to join our team as analyst and data science interns.  Both Connell and Ballard first came to Source One through our internship program. They can answer any questions you might have about what it means to intern in strategic sourcing and how an internship could mature into more.  Their success is a testament to not only their personal excellence, but to the rigorous and rewarding nature of the experience we provide our interns.

Today's students are poised to enter the most competitive job market that's ever existed.  A degree is no longer enough to stand out amid an entire generation of equally educated and motivated candidates.  Internship experience shows that you've made a proactive decision to immerse yourself in a working environment and assume new responsibilities.  The skills, both practical and intangible, a good internship might provide cannot be overemphasized.  You'll also better learn where your true strengths and weaknesses lie and what type of field you'd most like to enter.  Internships not only help distinguish you as a strong candidate, but can also help you make more informed decisions as you enter the working world.

As an Intern with Source One you'll become a valuable member of an industry-leading team. Collaborating with our analysts and consultants, you'll take an active role in executing and implementing Source One initiatives. Previous supply chain experience would be great, but it's certainly not required.  Experienced or not, the best candidates will boast excellent communication skills, unerring determination, and a willingness to immerse themselves fully in every aspect of procurement and strategic sourcing.  As Meg and Kenny can attest, opportunities for career advancement are there for those willing to put in the work.

Stop by Mitten Hall between 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM to learn if an internship with Source One could be the next step for you.  Additionally, you can learn more about our internship programs and career opportunities here.
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