ICYMIM: September 25, 2017

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Michael Lamoreaux AKA The Sourcing Doctor, Sourcing Innovation, 9/19/2017
With the latest entry in his ongoing 'The More Things Change' series, the Doctor points to qualities that could kill procurement firms in the near future.  Paper is - of course - dead, but Excel is dying every day.  We've known for years, he reminds us, that Excel consistently loses data and causes losses.  Firms cannot hope to survive unless they begin to employ more sophisticated software that provides for supply chain visibility and customer collaboration.

What the North Korean Sanctions Mean for the Apparel Supply Chain
Rachel Sharp, Procurement Leaders, 9/21/2017
In response to recent missile testing, the UN has placed new sanctions on North Korea.  These limit or ban exports of coal, ore, seafood, and - most notably - textiles.  The country's second biggest export, textiles often leave the country through China.  Procurement leaders who do business in China must pay closer attention to their supply chain than ever before. Many could wind up damaging their company's reputations and violating sanctions without even knowing it.  Audits and unannounced visits will prove important tools in maintaining supply chain integrity and staying on the right side of international law.

How AI Will Help Procurement Advance Analytics Beyond Basic Spend Analysis
Nick Heinzmann, Spend Matters, 9/18/2017
The increased prevalence of artificial intelligence in Procurement could mean fundamental changes to each component of the business.  AI-based analytics services offer thoroughly cleansed and accurately categorized data without the time investment once considered necessary. Providing real-time internal and external data, they not only save time, but provide a new sense of empowerment to companies entering e-Sourcing events.  These technologies and their myriad benefits are quickly setting a new standard and pushing Procurement organizations to fully consider their total value contribution.

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