Over the course of a month, we've given you 20 reasons for attend our Chicago Procurement Professionals Happy Hour. If the first 20 didn't convince you, don't worry we've got 5 more to persuade you with!  

5. To Network Your Business – Let’s be real, the purpose of networking happy hours is to exchange businesses cards and get your brand name out there. For all fellow procurement professionals, Source One’s Chicago Happy Hour offers the perfect opportunity to do just this!

4. To Network Yourself – Complacently carrying your weight through your current job? Ready to make a much-needed change to your life? Then head out to our Happy Hour to observe potential prospects. Discuss your experience. Discuss your credentials. We and our partners are always looking for fresh talent that keeps the industry interesting.

3. To Meet Expert Thought Leaders with Decades of Success – Rubbing elbows with the best and brightest in the industry can do nothing but help bolster your career (granted that these elbow rubs are positive encounters.) Learn how some of the top leaders reached their current roles by conversing with them over a discounted drinks and laughs. You’ll be glad you did.

2. In Case You Missed it the Last 2 Years – For those of you who fell asleep at the wheel and missed our two previous, annual procurement professional happy hours, you might as well make some time in your busy schedules to visit this year’s event, which will be bigger and better than ever!

1. To Celebrate Source One’s 25th Birthday – That being said, this year’s Happy Hour will commemorate Source One’s 25th Birthday! Celebrate our milestones with us over good drinks, food, and even better company. And don’t be alarmed – no slide decks, sales pitches, or strings will be attached. Individually, we don’t have a long time in this world, but we certainly can, and will, have a good time. 

Don't miss out on your chance to attend! RSVP with Kaitlyn Krigbaum at KKrigbaum@sourceoneinc.com! 
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