As a leader in procurement and strategic sourcing, Source One relies on its team of dedicated experts to provide constant insights and solutions.  Many of our most successful analysts and consultants joined us as interns.  Source One's internship program provides young professionals with immediate hands-on experience in supply management, client services, marketing, business development and more.  Our diverse service offerings make for a fast-paced and consistently evolving workplace experience. Contributing to projects from day one, our interns build skills that should prove crucial in whichever field they choose to enter.

Say hello to the dynamic and talented individuals joining us as interns this fall.

My name is Samuel Cagle. I am twenty-six years old and working out of the Chicago office.  I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and received my undergraduate degree in Business Economics from the University of Miami (Ohio) in 2013.  After graduation, I moved to Chicago and began working for TMC, a division of C. H. Robinson.  After years of working as a Logistics Analyst, I decided to pursue a higher degree.  I am currently working towards an M.B.A. from DePaul University, with a concentration in Business Strategy.  I expect to graduate in December 2017.  Despite living in Chicago for four years now, I remain an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

I am extremely excited to be here at Source One. Everyone in the Chicago office has been very welcoming.  This opportunity offers the unique combination of exposure to many different business types, and valuable experience in working the consulting process to provide value for our clients.  While at DePaul, my strategy courses focus on providing the optimal outcome given set variables.  Here at Source One, I get to see how certain strategies are executed first hand.  During this internship, I hope to continue learning about the many aspects of procurement and the sourcing strategy process, make a positive impact on those around me, and continue to improve my analytical and project management skills.

Hey! My name's Bennett Glace, and I'm a 23-year-old from Yardley, Pennsylvania.  Last year, I graduated from Hamilton College where I majored in English and Art History.   I spend most of my free time reading about Hollywood politics and celebrity gossip.  I also watch a lot of films.

Prior to joining Source One, I worked and interned mainly in the non-profit sector and in communications roles.  My experiences creating on-brand content, putting my personal stamp onto company scripts, and working to grow social media followings inspired me to apply.  I was pleased to accept the position and continue doing the sort of work I've grown to enjoy.

So far, so good.  Though relevant to my past experiences, my duties here have compelled me to dive into an unfamiliar industry and learn as I go.  It's been thrilling.  I hope to absorb all I can about strategic sourcing so that I can confidently and competently communicate on Source One's behalf. One of the first things that impressed me about the industry was the paramount importance of effective communication.  Strategic sourcing initiatives rely on writing that manages to come across as both comprehensive and concise.  Balancing these qualities is a distinct challenge, a challenge I'm excited to meet.

Hi there!  My name is Antonia Stroponiatis and I am a senior at Depaul University, double majoring in Accounting and Finance.  I grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois; however, I currently live in Lincoln Park, a neighborhood of Chicago.  I absolutely love to travel, read, and go to new restaurants and cafes with my friends in my spare time.  My past experiences have mainly surrounded accounting internships with financial companies, up until my last internship which focused on external audits.  Having seen the inside business that occurs within various clients, I became interested in looking into more than just the assurance of numbers on financials.  I am really enjoying my experience here at Source One so far because there is so much opportunity to gain experience outside of the typical finance classroom environment.  Consulting experience is gained through working in the field, not through time in the classroom.  The opportunity to see how the employees at Source One carry out their roles as consultants through supply chain procurement tactics has really allowed me to experience this specialization of consulting.

Everyone at Source One has been beyond kind and friendly which makes the workplace very inviting.  The experience has been wonderful so far because of their outreach to ensure my comfort with the work and projects so I can move forward confidently.  I am definitely interested in gaining more experience with analytics to see how I can apply myself moving forward.  I aspire to work within the accounting and finance fields.

My name is Alex Haile and I am a 22-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia.  I attend the University of Pennsylvania where I will be graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Economics.  I have always been interested in a multitude of industries and going through the process of diagnosing and solving problems, so I have always been naturally inclined toward consulting.  However, prior to coming to Source One, I had experience interning in commercial real estate and working as a financial assistant, but did not have any experience in consulting.  I wanted an opportunity to really experience the tasks consultants face every day.

So, when the opportunity to work with Source One came up, I was particularly excited because of the prospect of working at every touch point in a consulting engagement.  Additionally, Source One's focus on procurement solutions, particularly cost savings, aligned with my own interests in being introduced to the execution and strategy side of consulting, as well as my interest in the sourcing techniques and supply chain processes of different businesses.  Through this experience, I hope to gain the skills necessary to take a project end-to-end and learn from the great consultants here.

Want to see yourself on this page? We're always looking for motivated individuals to join our industry-leading team. To learn more about becoming an intern, visit Careers at Source One today.
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