ICYMIM: September 18, 2017

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Phillip Ideson, Art of Procurement, 9/11/2017
MRA Global Sourcing's Naseem Malik joins Ideson for a broad-ranging discussion that ultimately focuses on techniques for locating top procurement professionals and convincing them to stick around.  Recognition, Malik suggests, is a powerful tool for retaining employees.  Many top professionals cite a lack of acknowledgment as a primary motive for leaving their jobs.  By recognizing accomplishments and instilling a sense of workplace camaraderie, employers can better maintain their workforce.

Agile Procurement Can Work in the Private Sector . . . But the Public Sector?
Michael Lamoreaux AKA The Sourcing Doctor, Sourcing Innovation, 9/12/2017
While the more flexible, dynamic, and collaborative methods of Agile Procurement work great in the private sector, the Doctor suggests the move to the public sector will take some time.  The rules, regulations, and policies that sometimes complicate public Procurement are there for a reason. If they went away tomorrow we'd find ourselves in a chaotic world of lawsuits and trade complaints. Procurement principles and trade laws will have to change fundamentally before public Agile Procurement can become a reality.

Procurement Must Disrupt Traditional Workforce Models to Spur Growth
Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters, 9/14/2017
Despite the opportunities provided by new technology and a rising knowledge economy, many companies are still tied to outdated models of workforce engagement.  The evolving human capital market, however, presents Procurement the unique opportunity to take the lead in promoting workforce innovation.  By partnering more closely with HR, Procurement can work to encourage a perspective that focuses less on compliance and control and more on the potential benefits of alternative employment models.
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