September 22, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts were featured this week!

As Corporate United's sole provider of IT and Telecom strategic sourcing, Source One has continually proven itself adept at reducing costs and optimizing spend in these categories.  Oftentimes, however, a lack of stakeholder engagement can lead to friction between these two groups.  Leveraging their years of experience, Source One's team of experts - in conjunction with Corporate United - provide advice for avoiding conflict and maintaining effective collaboration between IT and Procurement.

Recent Blogs:

The Live Negotiation Part 1: Should You Run an eAuction?
Kristina Kaku, My Purchasing Center, 9/17/2017
Though the use of online sourcing tools has increased in recent years, the prospect of conducting negotiations live can still seem daunting.  It's easy to become overwhelmed when faced with a wealth of live market insight. Plus, many suppliers are still wary of online events.  To conduct a successful eAuction its important to first assess the market, obtain clear specifications, and ensure a considerable contract value.  If you prepare well, you'll find the convenience and pressure of online events engages stakeholders far more than traditional methods could.

Why Bother Classifying Spend? 3 Ways Spend Analysis Will Improve Your Life . . . Part II
Brian Seipel, Sourcing Innovation, 9/15/2017
Seipel concludes his series on the benefits of thorough spend analyses.  Potential savings, he suggests, go far beyond hard dollars.  Assessing their vendor pool, companies can seek out opportunities for consolidation.  A smaller vendor pool will increase efficiency by building a less costly and time consuming procurement process.  What's more, a comprehensive view of spend could help identify instances of maverick spend.  While the occasional off-contract purchase won't derail a company, it's important to identify such purchases before they commonplace.  
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