Temple Owls, today's the perfect day to start thinking about your future.  Stop by the Fox School of Business' Mitten Hall between 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM for this year's Fall Connection networking event.  Source One's own procurement consultants Meg Connell and Kenny Ballard will be looking for analysts and interns to join our industry-leading team.  We hope you'll join them.

Talking to recruiters can be nerve-wracking.  This is especially true if you're a student with little-to-no internship experience.  After all, these conversations are effectively the start of the hiring process. Here are a few tips for confidently and successfully speaking with recruiters:

1. Come Prepared: Peruse the list of companies who are planning to attend the event.  Look into the roles they're hoping to fill and what those role would entail.  Prior knowledge of the company, its industry, and its needs will improve the flow of conversation and show your initiative.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions: This is your first opportunity to gauge if this organization sounds like a good fit.  Don't waste it. Try to discern what they are looking for an ideal candidate, but don't forget to get a sense of company culture and the aspects of the position they haven't included on their listing. Once again, coming prepared with questions shows initiative and intellectual curiosity.

3. Sell Yourself: Don't let your resume speak for you.  Without tipping into over-confidence, concisely and thoroughly walk the recruiter through the relevant experiences and skills you could provide. Your delivery of this 'pitch' could set you apart from the dozens of other people this recruiter will talk to today.

4. Stay in Touch: As the conversation winds down, thank the recruiter for their time and make sure to inquire about next steps in the hiring process.  Exchange contact information and immediately do what you can to reach that next step.  Whether this means beginning an online application, compiling a portfolio, or penning an official cover letter, you should waste no time at all.  Don't forget to send a follow-up email to reiterate your thanks and reestablish contact.

Source One is always eager to hear from energetic and motivated individuals looking to join our team.  Visit our careers page today to learn more about what defines our ideal candidate.
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