ICYMIM: September 4, 2017

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Terez Berezowsky, Spend Matters, 9/1/2017

Using the recent natural disaster in Texas as an example, Berezowsky outlines strategies for managing risk in similar situations.  She stresses the importance of planning ahead and establishing consistent action plans for disruption management.  Estimates suggest that Hurricane Harvey could cost tens of billions of dollars.  The preparedness strategies Berezowsky describes could mean a far more manageable financial burden for organizations in the future.

Helen Carey, Tom's Blog, 8/23/2017

With any investment, businesses want to ensure their efforts are providing a positive return by seeing evidence in the results. A recent study revealed that a greater percentage of marketing budgets are dedicated to creating content as the basis of a quality inbound marketing program. Traditional marketing programs do not necessarily offer the ROI that these inbound options do, and many organizations are considering making the initial investment to experience these results.

Technology Can Help Procurement Solve its Talent Problem
Sophie Dyer, Procurement Leaders, 8/25/2017

Dyer describes a number of strategies that could prove useful in bringing millennial talent into the world of procurement.  Introducing new technology to both the on-boarding and off-boarding processes, she suggests, could help attract and retain young employees.  Millennials will soon comprise over 50 percent of the work force.  It's critically important that companies begin to consider how they might court these individuals in particular.
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