September 15, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:

In conjunction with Corporate United, the strategic sourcing experts at Source One offer advice for building effective relationships between Procurement and IT groups. Typically, a lack of stakeholder engagement presents the greatest challenge for companies looking to leverage Procurement strategically in 'untouched' categories.  Informed by years of experience and reinforced by IT strategic sourcing case studies, the whitepaper provides strategies for understanding stakeholder motivations, identifying synergies, and better managing IT spend.

Recent Blogs:
Nicole Mahaffey, Industrial Distribution, 9/14/2017

In the second part of her series, Mahaffey assesses Amazon's recent shift into the MRO distribution market.  She concedes that Amazon offers competitive pricing and the convenience of Amazon Prime, but seems less convinced about other aspects of their offerings.  For example, Amazon Business does not currently offer the added benefits of in-house experts.  Buyers looking to leverage supplier expertise for support, or take advantage of installation services, could find themselves in a tough situation.  Amazon Business might best the MRO industry's titans when it comes to product offerings and price, but they will likely struggle without a concentrated focus on costumer service and support.

Brian Seipel, Sourcing Innovation, 9/14/17

Spend analysis, while highly beneficial, often looks to busy companies like one thing too many to worry about.  Seipel cautions against such thinking. In part one of this series, he points to the savings opportunities a good spend analysis could reveal during a strategic sourcing initiative. To illustrate this point, he uses a company with two IT VARs servicing its two Northeast branch locations.  A thorough spend analysis, he suggests, could help the organization consolidate their spend to one VAR and eventually negotiate a stronger rebate.
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