One of the largest marketing associations in the world, The American Marketing Association (AMA), has published an article by Source One Senior Project Manager, Kathleen Jordan, surrounding criteria necessary to achieving value in an agency relationship. In her piece, “Top 10 Criteria to Consider When Evaluating our Advertising Agency,” Kathleen explains the unique nature of an advertiser and their agency of record and how this partnership requires special measures to ensure success. (Spoiler alert) these criteria include: (1) talent and functional expertise (2) account management (3) industry/category experience (4) executional excellence (5) strategic thinking (6) creativity (7) innovative and/or technologically advanced (8) cultural fit (9) adaptable to change and (10) demonstrated commitment to working with other agency partners.

While selecting a new agency partner or evaluating a current relationship, Kathleen elaborates on criteria that are key to achieving a sustainable and rewarding relationship. Even as a partnership continues, these criteria have further applications outside of the initial selection phase: they are also useful in performance evaluations and involving new additions to a team aside from the current agency partner.

Sit back and enjoy this article gathered from years of experience in catering to these types of relationships. It may come in handy the next time you evaluate a set of new or existing agencies.
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