Gary Como, the vice president of sourcing operations for Corporate United, the nation's largest group purchasing organization, sat down for a telephone interview a few days ago, and that interview is now the inaugural Source One Partnercast. Similar to our own Podcasts, Source One Partnercasts are quarterly productions that feature industry insight on trends and topics from one of our partners. In this initial video, Mr. Como discusses a trend he forsees playing an increasingly large part in the success of supply chain in the coming years. 

Also, It's been a busy couple of weeks, so to help you catch up, here is some news you may have missed:

Source One's IT Insights Report Released

Published in partnership with the nation's largest GPO, Corporate United, the IT Insight Report details the elements of a modern business environment that strain IT and Procurement departments, and the relationships between them, before walking readers through several steps to mitigate the strain and get Procurement more deeply, and effectively, involved with IT. 

You can download a copy of the report here (fill out a very small form)

Philadelphia Business Journal Recognizes

Philly Business Journal included in its latest Blogger Guide, which details those business-oriented blogs throughout Philadelphia. If you're reading this having come from the Blogger Guide, head over here for a brief rundown of the blog and some of our more popular articles to give yourself a head start. 

From - Why Supplier Relationships Fail

Source One Project Manager Danielle Rosato penned (well, typed) a piece for talking about how supplier relationships go bad. No one ever signs on with a supplier that they know is bad, and no one wants to stay with a bad supplier. Ms. Rosato breaks down the most common reasons a supplier relationship goes from sweet to sour. 

Three From Source One Win Awards

Diego De La Garza, Kathleen Jordan, and Jennifer Ulrich were all named Pros to Know for 2014 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. The awards honor individuals from consultancy firms or supply chain departments who help further the industry by helping their clients or their own organizations meet the challenges of the modern business world. Someone from Source One has won the award four times in the past six years, and it is the second consecutive year that Diego De La Garza has won the award.

From - The Benefits of a Bench

Senior Project Manager (and recent award-winner, if you were paying attention) Diego De La Garza wrote what is essentially a guide on establishing a supplier bench for The article discusses what defines a "supplier bench", at least as we define it; weighs the benefits of setting up such a bench; and explains how to efficiently manage one once it has been established. Well worth the read!
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