Use of cloud-based manufacturing software growing

Over 800 manufacturers around the country celebrated Manufacturing Day to promote careers within the sector and highlight the industry's innovative technology, including manufacturing software. The National Association of Manufacturers worked with other manufacturing organizations such as The Manufacturing Institute and the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association to put on the event. The annual event hopes to help future generations of workers learn more about different aspects of manufacturing through career workshops, public tours and more.

"The robust response and participation in Manufacturing Day from across America shows manufacturers' commitment to developing the talent needed for a 21st-century workforce," said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons in a statement. "By opening shop floors to young and curious minds around the country, we are able to show modern manufacturing for what it is—a technology-driven industry that offers secure, good-paying jobs and the ability to develop products that will change the world."

Technology plays a large role in determining manufacturing success. With technological advances in the manufacturing sector, businesses of all sizes are able to thrive. Through the use of software, small business manufacturing companies are able to improve their efficiency while working with resources that are limited compared to larger firms.

Cloud-based manufacturing software becoming more popular

To help streamline operations, one of the benefits of manufacturing software is it allows small businesses to forecast expenses for new projects, according to Manufacturing Business Technology. This can include the cost of merchandise inventory to help maintain expenses and get more accurate quotes. These manufacturing solutions often come in the form of cloud-based software, which can allow users to view their systems through computers or mobile devices for easier access.

The popularity of cloud software for manufacturing operations management is growing, according to In the LNS Manufacturing Operations Management Survey of more than 100 manufacturing executives, only 7 percent of respondents said they use cloud technology.

Despite this low number, more decision makers are considering switching over to Software as a Service for their manufacturing operations management. In the survey, 17 percent of executives indicated they were planning to use SaaS to improve their operations. Manufacturers are more likely to see more cloud-based solutions as 90 percent of companies that offer manufacturing operations management software currently have or plan to adopt cloud technology.

Cloud software has the advantage of giving managers and employees more mobility to review crucial information on the shop floor, in the office or outside in the field.

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