Apple changing with efficient and creative electricity sourcing

When it comes to innovation, Apple has carved its spot as a leader in the tech industry with the iPhone and other products. While it's known for its popular electronics, the world's most valuable brand is also striving to operate as efficiently as possible through green electricity sourcing.

Recently, Apple introduced updated versions of the iPad and MacBook Pro right before the holiday season, Reuters reported.

This comes after Apple announced it would upgrade its Mac operating system and iWork software suite software for free to boost its appeal against competitors like Microsoft. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told media and technology leaders that the company wants customers to have the most recent versions of its software.

Apple's iPad Air is thinner than its previous generations in addition to containing a faster processor and the new MacBook Pro sports an improved retina display.

Earlier in May, Cook said the tech industry could see "several more game changers" from the company, which might introduce a new line of wearable computers.

"As always with Apple, expectations on systematic breakthrough hardware innovations are irrational," Thomas Husson, analyst at Forrester Research, told Reuters. "Apple is good at inventing new products and at maximizing profitability of its product range over time through software innovations and clever marketing."

Apple aims to operate with 100 percent clean energy

In creating their game changing products, Apple also strives to improve the energy efficiency of its operations, according to Forbes.

In stepping up its clean energy sourcing, Apple recently hired former Environmental Protection Agency Chief Lisa Jackson as its new environmental chief. During the VERGE conference, Jackson said the company is aiming to improve energy efficiency levels across its product portfolio.

With its goal of generating 100 percent renewable energy, Apple uses electricity produced from a combination of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal sources. Currently, Apple facilities are powered by 75 percent clean energy, including across the U.S. in Austin and Elk Grove, Ill., and internationally in Cork, Ireland, and Munich, Germany.

While other major companies like eBay have strived to increase energy efficiency by changing public policy, Apple has tried to create new ways to improve its electricity sourcing within its own power. Jackson said the company evaluates its efficiency before looking for ways to generate energy for its own purposes.

For example, for Apple's data center in North Carolina, the tech company cooperated with Duke Energy to help develop a renewable energy purchasing program. The facility also features high-efficiency LED lighting complete with motion sensors and operates power monitoring and analytics systems in real-time.

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