Source One has developed a new survey to measure the perceived value of procurement departments within companies today.  Procurement has traditionally been viewed as a tactical department developed to help companies run their day-to-day operations.  Some companies, however, have recognized the possibilities of procurement as a strategic partner to help develop and reach business goals.  This survey was created to gather information regarding the view of internal procurement departments and evaluate how they are valued, currently.

A report and statistics will be developed from the survey results and will be available to survey participants.

By completing this survey, participants will have an opportunity to receive a copy of Source One's report and will also have the chance to be entered into a drawing to win a Google Nexus 7 internet tablet.

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Maddy Miller

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  1. the survey doesn't work :(

  2. Anonymous, thanks for drawing attention to the bad link. The links are now fixed. We apologize for the error.

  3. The link is still screwed. Takes us straight to question #27

  4. Unfortunately I think that is a problem with cookies stored on your pc and the survey software thinking that you have already taken the survey. We'll have to switch to a better survey platform next time we perform a survey.

    If possible, can you clear the cookies, use a different browser (or a different computer) and try the link again?

    If none of those options work, please contact directly and she can send you an offline version of the survey and will ensure that you are included in the sweepstakes (if you choose to).

    Thanks for your support.

  5. that survey beat me with a fishing rod and made me eat worms.