Warehousing critical in supply chainCompanies sometimes forget how important warehousing is to their supply chain operations. Regardless of whether an enterprise is a small business or a large corporation, warehousing is a key component of effective supply chain management, according to a recent article in Materials Handling World.

Gideon Hillman, supply chain expert, wrote in MHW that the warehouse in the supply chain is similar to the heart in the human body.

The heart is a vital organ to the body functioning, and similar to warehousing in the supply chain, it operates as a pump. If the heart becomes clogged, the whole system shuts down, and the same holds true for warehouses.

According to the source, the warehouse needs investments in equipment, processes, systems and resources and strategy to ensure proper functioning given the overall business distribution model.

One task that sometimes gets carried out at the warehouse level is packaging. Business leaders looking to streamline their packaging processes might be interested in "Packaging Solutions Throughout the Supply Chain," which was recently made available by Fast Market Research, answering the demand from many companies for solutions to reduce environmental impact in these stages of the supply chain.
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