Auto supply chain to expand in AlabamaThe automotive industry has experienced an uptick the past year after the recession crippled the economy in the United States and caused many Americans to avoid purchasing a new vehicle. With advancements being seen in the market, the auto supply chain is expanding. One community that is benefiting is Hanceville, Alabama.

According to The Associated Press, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently announced that automotive supply company Zero RPM is planning to expand its operations by hiring almost 50 new workers.

The company manufactures mitigation systems for cars, which are battery packs that power the electronic and air conditioning systems even when a vehicle's engine is not running.

The governor announced the expansion of the automotive supply company at Wallace State Community College, where the company's headquarters are in a business incubator, according to the AP. Currently, the company has eight workers, but in a few months the expansion is expected to bring another 46 members to the staff.

The auto industry is beginning to target younger drivers as a result of older generations holding on to their vehicles longer. Companies are using technology and modern designs as attractions for this youthful demographic.
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