Fuel cell stack supply chain to reach $2.2 billionAccording to a recent report from Pike Research, the complete fuel cell stack supply chain was only worth a little more than $200 million in 2011, but by 2017 the figure is expected to increase to $2.2 billion.

"The development of a thriving supply chain for fuel cell technology is not a given," says research director Kerry-Ann Adamson. "While the focus of R&D in the fuel cell industry has expanded to include deployment and performance issues, such as durability and startup time, the supply chain has been assumed to be able to meet demand when and as needed. This could be a dangerous assumption as the industry continues to expand."

Though Europe will likely see the most significant growth, supply chain growth will be seen in this sector globally, as long as investments in capital equipment can occur, Adamson added.

Retailers have recently begun to sell micro-fuel cell products from Horizon Fuel Technologies, which manufacturers MiniPak, the world's lowest-cost fuel cell power product, according to a July 24 release.
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