recently featured Source One's Procurement Value Survey in a post entitled "How is Your Procurement Group Perceived Internally?"  Kelly Barner lists the topics highlighted in the survey which include reporting, available resources, perception and utilization of procurement, and performance metrics. 

Kelly goes on to say:

"All participants in the survey will receive a copy of the final report – a significant opportunity to benchmark your organization against other procurement groups. If that wasn’t enough incentive to participate, all respondents get the chance to be entered into a drawing to win a Google Nexus 7 Internet tablet."
Click here to participate in this survey. 

Not only is this a hot topic right now, but it is extremely important to procurement groups who are looking to implement new initiatives within their organizations.  The results from this report will provide incredible insight into how procurement is perceived currently and may spark inspiration to improve those perceptions.  The report created from this survey will be available to all participants.
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