Supply chain models could benefit from modern technologySupply chain partnerships are meant to implement productive collaboration between vendors and businesses, but a number of factors can prevent this from occurring.

One of the aspects of supply chain models that often prevents a true collaboration is the set up of most management systems, which hides information from some users in the system, according to a recent EBN article.

Management often uses an electronic data interchange system for supply and demand transactions, sending information that is visible to only those who are involved. Transparency is also reduced when information is managed in a silo format to keep competitors from being able to see pricing information.

Cloud technology could resolve some of these issues, enhancing collaboration by improving data sharing protocols, according to EBN. By setting up specific parameters within a supply chain management program based in the cloud, a company could make it easy for vendors to see when a needed order can't be fulfilled, for example, leading to more efficient resolution of that potential source of supply chain trouble. At the same time, the vendors would not be able to see certain information, such as prices, that would negatively impact competitiveness.

Informed decision-making is a key element of effective supply chain management, according to Material Handling & Logistics. Cloud-based systems could aid in making decision-making more timely, data-driven and strategic.
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