Serialization to improve healthcare supply chain Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to implement global strategies to alter supply chain operations following the counterfeiting and theft of products.

Bill Fletcher, a managing partner at Pharma-Logic Solutions, recently delivered the message that companies should take action on this front, speaking at Mettler Toledo's Pharma Exchange, which is an education-focused event that that was attended by more than 80 suppliers in Chicago on July 10 and 11, according to Healthcare Packaging.

Fletcher discussed serialization, which includes three components: e-pedigree, track and trace and authentication. The products e-pedigree will indicate its origination point, track and trace will make its route from source to final destination visible, and authentication will be the final step that confirms legitimate delivery, the source stated.

According to Fletcher, a serialization strategy doesn't have to be extensive or complex. Many other industries have experienced success by implementing basic serialization for brand protection, recalls and other purposes.

The Supreme Court recently upheld a mandate to extend healthcare to Americans, which is predicted to have a huge impact on the supply chain related to drugs and other healthcare products. Companies preparing for an upswing in business as the law takes effect and more people seek healthcare may find this is the logical time to implement a serialization program.
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