Once again, Walmart leverages its significant buying power to move suppliers to cut costs and produce an economic product for diabetic consumers.  Walmart's ReliOn brand sells ReliOn Prime Meters for $16.24 and ReliOn Prime blood sugar test strips for $9 per 50 strips.  Compared to OneTouch's Ultra Smart monitoring System at $32 per unit and OneTouch's UltraSmart InDuo test strips for $46.95 for $50 strips, ReliOn is the unmatched brand in cost savings. 

Diabetics are encouraged to test their blood sugar routinely to ensure that their blood sugar levels remain within specific ranges.  Early detection to increased blood sugar will allow a diabetic to take corrective or reactive responses which can save further complications and even the human life.  With the escalating Health care costs and the economic downturn, many consumers have opted out of health care or skimped in replenishing test strips.  Walmart's low cost diabetic solution will allow consumers to manage their condition.  An average diabetic test their blood sugar three times daily.  By switching to ReliOn from another branded meter and strips, the consumer can realize over $840 in savings a year. 

As Walmart continues to target areas of opportunity for cost savings in different market sectors, their buying power will be the key leverage to motivate suppliers to find creative and sustainable cost savings strategies.  With the uncertain and changing time, staying with the status quo business models may not ensure longevity.  The adage "No more business as usual.." may be the key to continual success.
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