Lobster supply chain taking hits The lobster supply chain was recently highlighted in a Morning Sentinel article, and the Maine newspaper described how the seafood passes from lobstermen to wholesale dealers and retailers before reaching restaurants and grocery store tanks.

According to Dane Somers, executive director of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council, moving lobster may seem simple, but is complex when considered globally.

Somers reported that once expanding outside of the local market, shipping costs, duties and other fees may be added, which is leading to some lobstermen complaining that they aren't receiving enough to cover their costs but are just breaking even.

The lobstermen are feeling a pinch due in part to a glut of soft-shell lobsters on the market and in part because the industry cannot adjust to the ebb and flow of supply and demand. When the season to catch lobsters hits, fishermen must take advantage, and if demand is weak it can lead to a gross oversupply, as lobstermen try to make up for falling prices by catching and selling more product. Widening the market may ease the situation, the Morning Sentinel reported, and the industry is also planning an aggressive marketing campaign to spur demand.

Lobster is not the only food product seeing some supply chain issues. Drought conditions in the Midwest have threatened the U.S. corn supply in recent weeks as well.
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